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Cleaning and sanitising are two of the most vital aspects of ensuring your home or office remains clean at all times. Cleanliness and appearance affects almost every day to day process in your office or home. In the cooperate world, having a clean and hygienic place is very important for creating a good impact on your visitors which ultimately affects the conversion rate also. The early impressions are developed the moment your client or customers or friends walk through the doors. Finding it tidy and well organised will bring a positive impact on them about you, as the things reflect your professionalism and dedication towards your work. Golden falcon realizes the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and therefore offers professional cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah.

Tank cleaning
Water tank cleaning

For professional tank cleaning you should contact us because there are many types of bacteria in your tank and they should be cleaned most of the time.

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Glue Removal

After removing the rug or carpet from your floors you also should remove the glue which was under the carpet with an appropriate solution and for that we are expert.

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Floor Waxing & Marble Care

A properly maintained & waxed marble floor can give a new look to the whole environment. We have most advanced waxing and marble care management.

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Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning we know how a professional environment should look like. We have experience in cleaning corporate offices with up to date cleaning techniques.

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General cleaning
General Cleaning Services

Our general cleaning services include all types of cleaning to give you a freedom from your cleaning needs.

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