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Precautions against Rodents

Rodents not only cause a nuisance by invading your house and stealing your food but also by damaging your ceiling, walls and furniture. In addition to this, they can spread various diseases that can be harmful to humans and pose serious health hazards. They can be very difficult to keep out and since they reproduce really quickly, only a few rodents can lead to a full blown infestation very soon.

A rodent infestation can be very dangerous because rodents contaminate food and cause all kinds of diseases like Plague, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Rat-bite fever to name a few. It is therefore very vital that adequate precautions should be taken in and around your house to prevent any infestation, and eliminate any existing rodents.

Some precautions that can be taken to decrease the chances of a rodent infestation are as under:

1.   Sealing up all entryways like holes, gaps, chimney vents and cracks in your house to prevent rodents from coming inside your house.

2.  Secure food in glass or steel containers with air tight lids.

3.  Store firewood away from your house and keep it covered.

4.  Remove all debris near the foundation of your house.

5.  Place traps in and around your house to catch existing rodents.

6.  Ensure all gutters direct water away from the house and eliminate places of moisture build up.

7.  Keep your house clean, ventilated and well lit.

8.  If your house is infected by rodents, clean out urine and droppings and disinfect the entire area.

9.  Maintain a well trimmed garden and keep shrubberies trimmed to reduce presence of rodents in them.

10. Places like basement and attic should be well ventilated and should always be kept dry.

In case of a rodent infestation, it is always better to call a professional and avail specialized pest control services to completely eliminate the infestation and to prevent spread of diseases.

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